free tax prep

Paul Anibal wants to pay your tax prep fee. 

Whenever you utilize Paul’s real estate brokerage services to buy or sell property, Paul is willing to apply a portion of his commission to pay your tax prep fee. 

Most real estate agents are just that, sales agents.  Many taxpayers incur extra costs and headaches by using real estate agents that don’t have the knowledge to structure your transactions in the most beneficial manner.  Paul, a third generation broker, is a licensed real estate broker with over 25 years of real estate experience.  In addition, he has obtained the GRI (Graduate, Realtors Institute) designation.  A designation held by less than half of all brokers.  With a bachelor degree in accounting from one of the top ten accounting schools in the nation, and experience in construction, accounting, real estate, and property management, Paul is able to bring unique knowledge and experience to any real estate transaction.

I have known and worked with Paul for over 25 years.  He is licensed to transact business in Michigan and Florida.  You can contact him as follows:

Paul Anibal
Anibal Affiliates, Inc. 


Thank you for the excellent job in preparing my taxes!  I came to you years behind in my taxes, overwhelmed, and very intimidated.  Quickly, you supported me in figuring out my scattered disaster so I could file AND receive substantial refunds!  CPA, in your case, is an acronym for Compassionate, Professional, Accurate, Angel! (yeah, I know that's 2 A's - lol!)  Thanks Again." -- Tricia Cole, RN

"Thank you for all of your help and services during the past several years, you are a fantastic accountant." -- Adam Barden