client testimonials

“We have three accountants in the family but we use you.” -- Ann B., Novi, MI

“Mr. Weigel has been our 'tax guy' for about 15 years. He has helped us thru many of life's financial changes- getting married, buying & selling houses, receiving an inheritance, a job relocation out of state, retirement and opening a business. It has been very reassuring to have someone we trust answer our questions about how best to proceed with these events and recommend alternative solutions.  He has been available to us throughout the calendar year- not just during 'tax time'.  Every year we plan a trip over 700 miles, just to have him file our personal and business returns.   We have, without reserve, recommended him to family and friends.  David has even made house calls for a legally blind relative:  sat at her kitchen table, ate cookies, and discussed finances. He has become a family friend.”  --  Doug & Mary Mancini, Macedon, NY

We have really enjoyed working with David Weigel these past 7 years and feel very lucky that he was recommended to us.  David has always been very professional and has always explained things in a way we could understand. He offers exceptional and reliable accounting services.  He is always available to answer questions and offer advice, as well as point out ways we could be saving money.  -- Stuart & Diana Walker, Highland Ranch, CO

“David Weigel is fast and thorough.  He has been organizing my business and home tax papers for 5 years and the returns I receive now surprise me.  I didn't think it was possible.”
-- Skraus, The Skraus Haus International, Milwaukee, WI

“I appreciate your attention to the details & your promptness” -- D. Lea, Farmington, MI

“I have always found the services provided by Dave Weigel to be top notch and perfectly matched to my business needs.  He's a trustworthy professional who lets me concentrate on my editorial work for Michigan's heavy construction industry.”
-- Guy Snyder, Snytco, Inc., Livonia, MI

“I've tried to do my taxes a few different times but failed terribly.  Handing the paper work over to you makes it a pain free process.  I especially appreciate your thoroughness and attention to detail....  You return tax forms that are incredibly organized, with step by step instructions of what I need to do next.  Places for me to sign are highlighted and your instructions are clear and concise.  I also appreciate your helpful hints on tax preparation throughout the year.  You know the ins and outs of saving me money and are more than willing to share your insights and ideas.”  --  Bill Keith, Canton, MI

“IRB Medical Equipment, LLC has been in business for over 14 years.  During this time we have grown from a company of 1 employee, to one with 10 employees.  Part of  successful growth is being prepared financially.  This means various things, and tax planning is a vital component of this.  Dave has had an ever expanding role in helping us be prepared as it relates to taxation and financial management.  He comes prepared, is very thorough  and most importantly very knowledgeable.  Dave is a valuable resource for us, and I recommend him wholeheartedly.” 
-- James Howard R.N., 
President, IRB Medical Equipment, LLC, Fenton, MI

“David Weigel, CPA provides excellent personal and business tax services for my family and small business.  He understands the tax code very well and provides useful information about how to proceed in a variety of dimensions.  Additionally, Mr. Weigel effectively set up the tax and accounting system for my business and then made sure I complied with legal parameters for periodic reporting of revenue and expenses.  Most of our work is accomplished through email, which makes phone calls and occasional visits all the more efficient.  I would highly recommend David Weigel for all your tax and small business accounting needs.” -- Kyle Stiegert, Stiegert Agro-Food Economics, Madison, WI

“Thank you so much for your work.  We appreciate having you work with us.”  -- S. L. Grimes, Farmington, MI

“I appreciate your tax mail & all you’ve done to help us. . . .  Overall extremely pleased.  Job well done.”
-- J. Romano, Novi, MI

“I will never forget you for all the time that you have been there for me not just as ‘CPA’ but as a Friend and you listened even when at times I took much of your time.  Thank you again.  In closing, please accept my best wishes and blessing to you and your family.  Friends for your good health, hapinness, success, and prosperity.  Your client and Friend,” -- Sandy Najim, Farmington Hills, MI  

“Dave - Thanks for giving of your professional skills for the YA Class.  We thank God for you and your willingness to serve God by helping us.”  -- Tom & Jeanne Snyder, Royal Oak, MI

“Dave, Thanks again for using your gifts and talents to serve God & us this year by completing our financial review.  Your service is greatly appreciated!  Blessings to you!” -- Mike Seventko, Royal Oak, MI  

      I do not remember the year we first did business together?  It was at Johnsons in Royal Oak and my company was Cat Design.  I was impressed by your professionalism and your willingness to answer any of my questions any time I called.  With a new business to run and taxes to pay, you sure put me at ease.  When you moved out on your own I continued to use your services.
     After moving to North Carolina nine years ago, I did not want another CPA to handle my account.  Your knowledge of other states tax codes is impressive . . .  you are still my first choice, and Thank You! -- Bob Jamieson, Saluda, NC

“I highly recommend Dave Weigel to anyone needing an extremely knowledgeable, meticulous and professional CPA that always keeps up to date on the latest tax laws.   I have found Dave’s work to be extremely thorough.”
-- Nate Garland, Samoco Industries, Inc 

“Thank you so much.  I’m always amazed at how simple you make all this seem!” 
--  Mrs. E. J. Ranich, St. Clair Shores, MI

“I really appreciate all of your help - not just w/ my taxes, but the 401K info too.  You've been a great help!”
-- Angelique Clouse, Garden City, MI

“The state claimed I owed over $100,000.  After month's of telephone calls and letter writing he was able to reduce my debt to $3000.00, for a very modest fee.  I would recommend David Weigel to anyone who needs help with their taxes current or deliquent.  He is a very sincere, knowledgable, and hard working person!” --  Emil A Luzaich, Livonia, MI

“Many Extra-Extra Thanks for all your hard work and kindness.”  -- Sandy Najim, Farmington Hills, MI

“He not only showed that he was concerned about the accounting services to be rendered, but he was concerned about me, the person.  Mr. Weigel has the skill to listen and format all essential details and data necessary to provide a complete accounting package.  He also, was very prompt in response to all of my telephone calls to him.  Workmanship of this nature has to be commended, because it greatly exemplifies the outstanding character of your firm.” 
--  Rev. Arthur Caldwell, Detroit, MI

“I received my tax bill - only $6.31.  Hard to believe!  A bit different from the first one of $1,211.30.  Many thanks for your help.” 
--  Barbara Clements, Santa Rosa, CA

“It's always a great assurance to me to have you prepare my taxes.  Your conscientious manner & expertise make me absolutely secure that my taxes are prepared correctly & I appreciate your service greatly. . .  Thanks so much Dave.”  
--  Patty Jensen, Michigan

“Thank you so very much for all your endeavors and your patience with me.”  
-- Diane Chevernohy, Michigan

“Thanks David John.  Again you have come to the rescue.”  -- Cindy S, FL